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Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds - Part I. Enlightenment from Beyond [Album]

by Abyssal Ascendant

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Christopher thumbnail
Christopher Whole time listening to this I kept thinking of Nile and Obituary, though quite unique to their own as Abyssal Descent have created death metal with a Lovecraftian theme making the listen all the more intriguing. Dark, technical and heavy af, Chronicles of The Doomed World pt 1. Enlightenment From Beyond is a triumphant and epic feat. Favorite track: Teared Up In Cosmorphosis.
Cheveu Miracle
Cheveu Miracle thumbnail
Cheveu Miracle ↪ (lovecraftian death metal / 2015 / France (Grand Est region) // )
quantumj4k thumbnail
quantumj4k This album really impressed with me with its speed and excellent riff selection. Songs are mostly played at warp speed, but the riff style and sounds vary substantially, preventing the album from being a monotonous blast. There will be riffs reminiscent of groups like Morbid Angel or Pestilence, only played about 1.7 times faster (no, that number is not determined by any rational method), which I think is awesome, and fun to listen to!

So far one of my favorite death metal albums this year.
Roars of battle Fog of sand Thousands of scythes Guided by darkness Echos of pleads Sacrificed for chaos The pharaoh summoned And through the void The gate was opened The nameless shape Possessing his army Fury, wrath Their eyes turned to black Clouded by hate Unstoppable troops Guided by darkness Conquerors of lands Leaving trails of dusk They slay, they hunt Annihilation Black shadow Controls their soul Crushing all enemies The pharaoh summoned And through the void The gate wide open


Extract from the first album "Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds - Part I. Enlightenment from Beyond".

Premier album à paraître chez Dolorem Records le 29/06/2015.

A propos d'Abyssal Ascendant

Fondé en septembre 2012 par Flo (chant-guitare) et Fanny (basse-backings), le groupe Abyssal Ascendant prend ses racines dans la mythologie Lovecraftienne et le Death Metal des années 90 (Morbid Angel, Immolation, Cannibal Corpse, Obituary, Morgoth...).

Démarrant avec une batterie programmée pour assurer le tempo, gérée par Seb "BLT909", la formation se produira sur trois dates, puis, en octobre 2013, sortira son premier opus de six titres, en release digitale gratuite, et enregistré, mixé et masterisé par BLT909 en DIY, intitulé "Unleashing the Outer Plagues" : six chansons de Death Metal sombre à cadence variée, allant de la lenteur abyssale aux blasts agressifs, et dont les paroles mettent en scène les abominations cosmiques, les rituels aux Grands Anciens, les rencontres violentes entre l'Homme et des entités qui dépassent son entendement et le font sombrer dans la folie.

C'est ensuite que le duo rencontrera Raùl fin 2013, qui les rejoindra à la batterie, pour un rendu plus organique et plus acharné sur scène. Le trio originaire de Franche-Comté et d'Alsace fera alors quelques dates durant le premier semestre 2014, notamment en compagnie de groupes comme Mercyless, Pestifer...

Continuant dans leur concept "Cthulhu Mythos Death Metal", Abyssal Ascendant sort son premier album en cette année 2015, pour perpétuer les chroniques des Grands Anciens, et invoquer une marée putride sous la gouverne des étoiles...

A propos de "Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds - Part I. Enlightenment from Beyond"

Tracklist :

1. Intro : Celephaïs Chant
2. The Nameless Shape
3. Interdimensional Predation II (Feat. Dinny from Morgon)
4. Disrupted Incarnation
5. Teared up in Cosmorphosis
6. The Black Pharaoh
7. The Prowling of Rlim Shaikorth
8. Temple of the Thousand
9. I, Progeny of the Lurker
10. The Gift of Shub-Niggurath

...à paraître chez Dolorem Records le 29/06/2015.


released June 29, 2015

Guitars & Vocals : Flo
Bass & Backing vocals : Fanny
Drums : Raùl

Record & mix by Sébastien Coget
Mastering by François Michaud

Cover by Daniele Lupidi

All songs are composed by Flo.
All lyrics written by Fanny except Disrupted Incarnation, The Prowling of Rlim Shaikorth & I, Progeny of the Lurker.

℗ Abyssal Ascendant
© Dolorem Records


all rights reserved



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Based in Tours (France), the association wishes to develop and to perpetuate the Extrem Metal in the Center Region in France, by means of the actions which it implements.

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